Transformational Leadership Style Essay

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Many leadership styles are considered by many authors. Some people think that they must stick to one particular style but it will lead to the less efficient results. Styles must be considered as per the requirement of the given condition. Here strengths and weakness of the transformational and translocation leadership is given as below:
Certain changes can be made by the leaders to make the company successful. Day to day new innovative ideas are put into consideration for better results. As like we see in android phones new inventions are being done for meeting all the requirements of the people. People now can easily communicate with each other
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In transactional leadership, clear structure is provided to people to perform any task. Various laws and orders are put into implementation for the result. If any person goes against the policies then punishment is given for the same and even suspension or termination from the project is done to them. This is because leaders imply various rules and tell their followers to work according to those norms only and else punishment is given for the same. With this employers find difficult to adjust to those conditions and this results in the limitation of the work.
As from above all it is concluded that the different management accepts different style of leadership according to their requirements only. As for example transactional leadership is implied in the restaurants for shifting the supervisors for effective results. On the other side CEO of the company always think of the best innovative idea to make their product more popular among people these are considered under the transformational leadership. According to them new ideas are best to put up in their projects to make the value of the product rise to the highest peak of achievement. Hence the new strategic mission is implied by them to put down the mission of transactional
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