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Schuetz, P., & Barr, J. (March 08, 2009). Transmuting resistance to change. New Directions for Community Colleges, 2008, 144, 105-114.
Summary: The book examines how community colleges need to become more accountable for underachieving incoming students. The study main focus is on the correlation between unprepared students and their undesirable results. Community colleges are having a difficult time preparing students due to the diversity of the students. Community colleges need to redesign their overall environments to make the students ready for success.

Thornell, G. C. (1989). Reducing resistance to change in organization management.
Summary: This dissertation examined the human factor in the learning process of change. The qualitative
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K. (2007). Resistance to organizational change: The impact of followers' disposition toward change & supervisors' leadership style.
Summary: Organizational changes often fail because of employee resistance to change. Some employees are more dispositional change resistant than others. Positive results were noticed when the leader-member exchange theory was used. The theory suggests that employees are more motivated by transactional leadership style as opposed to other styles. An unexpected interaction effect was discovered. The study should by reviewed by change agents.

Jensen, M. M. (2003). Individual resistance to organizational change: The impact of personal control and job ambiguity.
Summary: This study examines the factors of personal control and job ambiguity and how they affect an employee’s resistance to change. A survey of employees asked questions about, the level of job ambiguity, personal control over their job, and commitment to change. Results indicate that personal control is a main factor in an employee’s commitment to organizational
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The study suggests that the change process is different for every organization. People view and accept change differently. For change to succeed, the culture of the organization and target market (employees) must be researched. The study suggests that a failure to communicate effectively with employees a concerning change leads to resistance to change.

Wright, W. J. (1999). Manufacturing employment: What influences change in manufacturing employment?.
Summary: This dissertation examines the recruitment of manufacturing industries into states by government agencies. The study looks at funds used by state agencies to see if there is a correlation between spending and the increase in manufacturing firms moving into a state. This study concluded that the amount of money spent recruiting a firm had little bearing on whether the firm moved into the state.

Hofmann, P. (2013). The impact of international trade and FDI on economic growth and technological change. Berlin: Physica-Verlag.
Summary: This study looks at globalization and technology advances and how they are integrated. The main question is how will globalization affect technology and innovation in individual firms and eventually the economic growth of nations. The study suggests that protectionism hinders economic growth for nations and can lead to dynamic

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