Pros And Cons Of Multinational Corporations

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Transnational Corporations (TNCs) firstly were called just international businesses, to recognize them from firms that worked in local or national markets. At that point for a long time, the term multinational corporations were connected to the firms that worked in a few diverse national markets. As worldwide markets and generation structures have developed, the final term has gotten to be transnational corporations, where the preface trans means to go beyond. In last years, Transnational Corporations (TNCs) have been the fundamental engines supporting the extension of worldwide free enterprise. We continually see them in our daily lives. Transnational Corporations have dependently been disputable because their worldwide extent makes them…show more content…
The worst things about these corporations are that they offer a cheaper labour than small businesses or firms, also the employee’s conditions are rough because they work long time, long hours for little salaries. Bad thing also mentioned above about Transnational Corporations is that they are very powerful; they have abilities to make changes within the state and deal or offer to other countries without permission of its state. And the last problem but not at least is that Transnational Corporations (TNCs) are achieving a monopoly above the global economy. E.g., such huge and powerful corporations have the ability to detect and drive out local businesses by making a miss fortune on commodities. It is very important to mention these problems or disadvantages of the Transnational Corporations in China and mostly in every country. As mentioned above except the bosses and leader of these corporations nobody else is gaining. Workers do not get what they deserve. They work a lot of hours and they do not get rewards for that. China is a country known for the smallest salaries for workers. United States of America is an example of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in China, this because they pay Chinese workers with a little pay. The United States of America develop huge corporations inside…show more content…
The Government should take actions in order to help workers. The problem with salaries and bad conditions at work has to be considered by the government of the state. This problem can be regulated by putting standards salaries which corporations cannot decrease those. For example, making 500$ Dollar the lowest salary in the corporation and offer workers better conditions and benefices. By the time, people will getting richer, would have more money to care for their families, and then the term homeless will be avoided. It is known that the largest corporations are leaded by some people who also are part of the government, people who play a significant role in the government decision-making, and my recommendation on this would do not allow the same people who work for government to be bosses of the corporations. Also the State should stop them some privileges that they have with other countries, because those are leading to different disagreements between countries. Trying to stop all these points I mentioned would automatically reduce kills that are happening in order to get the position or the mandate of these powerful

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