Arguments Against Transnational Organized Crime

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Transnational financial crime such as telemarketing fraud and other related financial activities such as money laundering have an adverse impact not just at the national level, but regional and global level as well. Globalisation and technological advancement have made it easier for criminals to operate across borders. Thus, cross-border financial crimes such as telemarketing fraud undermines a state’s economic infrastructure and the interest of its citizens. There is now a greater need for the cooperation of regional and international organisation to fight against transnational financial crime. One has to look at this issue from a broader perspective. Look at the international legal frameworks and how they can be implemented into national…show more content…
However, a bilateral agreement, extradition treaty and mutual legal assistance treaty already exists between the states parties. These agreements override the need for the implementation of certain provisions of the convention. Also, within the respective domestic laws of the states parties, the offences of the transnational organised crime is provided for in the United States federal laws[Requote the law here] In accordance with Article 3(1)(d) of the UNTOC states that: 1.“This Convention shall apply, except as otherwise stated herein, to the prevention, investigation and prosecution of: 2. For the purpose of paragraph 1 of this article, an offence is transnational in nature if(d) It is committed in one State but has substantial effects in another State.” Under Article 3(2)(d) lottery scamming is an offence that is transnational in nature as the point of the crime is committed in one state, Jamaica and has adverse effects on another state, the United States. However, Jamaica and the United States have not applied Article 3(1)(d) as both states parties have bilateral agreements between them which overrides this convention. UN Convention which directly links to the telemarketing fraud is the

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