Transnationalism: Reasons For Immigration

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Deportation has been on the rise over the years and as such every month 80 persons are sent home to Jamaica setting their feet on Jamaican soil for the first time or once again after many years of living abroad, according to (Epidemic of deportations Hits Jamaica….Scores being sent home per month, Jamaica Observer, 24 September). Deportation in itself is deemed not acceptable and frowned upon; as persons being stigmatized as such are unable to fit into a society they know little or nothing off. Majority of these “deportees” were either left behind as a toddler growing up by parents who migrated to these countries looking for a better life (Transnationalism), in hopes of being able to make it possible for them to join them one day. Or they were birthed in these countries by parents who were not citizens. Transnationalism Theory…show more content…
1992:1). Transnational theory is the process as anchored in and transcending multiple countries (Levitt,2001) , transnational even affects the family members who remained in the home country as much as, if not more than those who have migrated (Mckenzie &Menjivar,2011). Deportation and transnationalism are closely linked as transnational looks at the migration process where persons tend to maintain their ties to their birth home even when they are geographically far away, as such globalization is also an example being coined as trying to achieve a ‘smaller
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