Transportation During The Revolutionary War Essay

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Transportation During the Revolutionary War Transporting goods and supplies took a lot of time to arrive at its destination. transportation they mostly used were wagons or ships. An example of this is when the tea brought to the colonists were brought by the east india company was carried on boat. Lots of the supply routes were known so they got raided or attacked for their valuable goods. Transportation was important in American Revolution by transporting useful goods,food,supplies,weapons anything that would help out the troops and townspeople of that colonies. There were a vast array of weapons that have been transported. Most of them were for upcoming wars and battles. Some of the Weapons being transported were often raided. With the great demand for weapons prices went up. For example most of the weapons used gunpowder to…show more content…
There were lots of different types of foods Fruits,meats and drinks. The vast need for food was proven very useful because “we don 't want our soldiers starving now do we”. It was a big responsibility for the drivers and sailors delivering valuable foods. If the food and supplies did not make it to the soldiers who were fighting they would not be able to win in battle. There were many times when food was scarce and troops had to do without because the transportation that was arriving got raided, The colonists depended greatly on transpiration to deliver the food. Supplies for example were ammo,clothes,building fortifications and more. With the big demand being for supplies in the upcoming war they would need a lot of supplies if the colonist were going to win the war against the British. If they would have to do without ammo the soldiers weapons would not function. Without clothes they would freeze or be exposed to the elements. Without transportation the supplies would not have made it to the colonist. This would have lead to a different outcome in the
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