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It improved tourism by making it easier to travel the United States or to come over as immigrants. Instead of taking a train or walking to wherever they needed to go it was now very very much easier with the automobile it took a shorter amount of time and money. Notecard number 8, 9, 10. It improved transportation of goods such as food medical care equipment and steel by once again making everything faster. It also made it cheaper. Very very very much cheaper. Notecard 1, 2, 3 It improved our military by many ways such as transportation of our troop was easier and more comfortable. It also made it more sanitary by not having to go over on a small ship with a lot of people. 4,5,6. The advancement of transportation improved the US in many…show more content…
By far the first mode of transportation was horse and buggy but people soon realized that the horse and buggy was a slow and very bumpy ride. If you go out to your car today get in it a drive it may ride “rough” but Atleast you have suspension the horse and buggy had wooden wheels to a solid axle there was absolutely no suspension whatsoever. The next mode of transportation people came by was rivers and canals these rivers and canals connected major places through water ways. These waterways such as the Erie Canal connected to major cities such as buffalo New York. The first way to travel was on longs and home made rafts. Then they came up with a steam powered boat!! The steam powered boat ran off coal and made transportation a lot easier as you could get more people and and get them to their destination faster. What the rivers could not connect (little and medium size towns in places with no canals) the railroad came into play! These rail cars were first know as John bulls and were a steam powered train. These trail were ran off coal just like the boat but they traveled land on a steel track. These track ran everywhere and still do in the 21st century. They transported everything, such as grains from grain bins to steel from steel factory's it amazing how many jobs this created because the had to hire people to build the rail road maintain it and even drive trains. These trains went everywhere delivering

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