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Transportation is a key driver of urban development in any city by providing safe, efficient and reliable transportation for people, goods and services. Public transportation has always been playing a vital role in contributing to the standard of living by providing mobility; which ensures efficient economic activities, promotes equitable social and sustainable environments. It is therefore, an important subject of the government policy to ensure sustainable development. However, with the growing restraint of lack of space as well as increasing number of personal owned vehicles, it will be a huge challenge for governments to manage and mitigate the growing issues of congestion. Hence, this paper will look into the various transportation polices…show more content…
It is a small country with geographical area about 719.7 square kilometers (Department of Statistics Singapore, 2016), slightly more than 3.5 times the size of Washington, DC. Singapore accommodates a population of around 5.4 million (World Bank, 2013) making it the third most densely populated cities in the world with 7987.52 people per square kilometer (CIA World Factbook, 2014). According to the interim results of the 2012 Household Interview Travel Survey, public transport constituted about 62% of all peak hour trips up from 59% in 2008 (Household Interview Travel Survey, 2012). After adapting independent rule in 1965 by splitting from Malaysia, Singapore began its transition towards…show more content…
One of the initial solutions was to increase the size of roads. However, with the growing population and fast economy growth, there would not be an adequate solution in the long run. Furthermore due to the lack of the geographical land, it would make sense to control the number of privately owned vehicles instead as well as make public transport more

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