Transportation In The Gilded Age

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Before the Gilded Age, transportation of any sort was slow, unreliable, and unavailable. However, with the invention of the assembly line and some invention, mass produced automobiles, subterranean trains, elevated trains and basic airplanes were spread out. Therefore, during the late 19th century, transportation was allowing for extreme expanse of trade and economic capability. One of the most prominent methods of transportation even before this time, railways were experiencing a major change during this time. Though it would eventually cause a stock market crash due to the closure of two major rail businesses, the roads themselves saw considerably more traffic due to a major expansion of the system. More than 170,000 miles of rails…show more content…
Furniture would be made in certain areas in China or Chicago and be sold on the east coast. Fruit would be farmed in California and Florida and be sold in Montana. This also came along with the rise of shipping companies such as Sears and Montgomery Ward. They sold everything from appliances to footstools, all sent directly to your doorstep without leaving the house. These businesses became extremely wealthy because of their ability to serve the people with ease of living. Electricity, though already a pretty big part of most people’s lives at this point, also became a major part of transportation. Some automation was introduced into train systems with routes. Operators became a less necessary role in train travel because routes could be set from before a train reaches a turning point. Refrigeration in storage and shipping became a major part using meat, milk, and other cold…show more content…
Being one of the youngest countries at only just over 100 years old, its policies were so great for the people that the country now needed ways of letting its massive population grow without the limit that has shown itself in every other country. However the other factor - resources - is still progressing to be more of an issue. Soon, it will be an economy killer. With all of these recent innovations, the people of the United States in the early 1900’s were enjoying being the wealthiest people around. For the most part, anyway. Crime was rampant, poverty was controlling the city’s people, and the immigration explosion was allowing corruption to spread by exposing them for their own purposes. But the future would only hold good things for movement of people, goods, information, and
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