Automobile Industry Ratio Analysis

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Transportation is a large and varied sector of the company. Modes of the conveyance of goods range from people head (on which loads are balanced) and bicycles rickshaws to truck and railroad cars. The road transport grew rapidly after 1947. Both rail road transports remains important.
Transportation is an essential and a major sub-function of logistics that create time and place utility in goods. In fact, the backbone of the entire supply chain is the transportation management that makes it possible to achieve its well-known.
LOGISTICS what does actually LOGISTICS Means?
Logistics call for an understanding of the total supply chain, the element, which include inventories packing, forwarding, FRIEGHT, storage and handling.
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The share of transportation investment in total profile investment declared during the period from the early 1950’s to the early 1980’s real public transportation investment also declined during much of that of period because of the need for founds in the rest of the economy. As a consequence by the early 1980’s the transportation was barely meeting the needs of the nation or preparing for future economy growth and for many any road for easy. They were braking up because of overuse and lock up maintenance rail roads required new track and rolling stock. Ports ended equipment’s and facility, particularly for bulk and container cargo. And at many airports the national civil airlines needed supporting equipment’s, including provision for instrument landings the Government planned to devote 19% of the 8th five year plan(1992-1996) budget to transportation and communication up from the 16% devote to the sector during 7th five year
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