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“Scientists warned us long ago about environmental damage, we cannot stop it but we can help ease and hopefully prevent future damages” (David Suzuki, n.d.). Global warming is a devastating worldwide problem and about one third of its causes are Transportation. Everyone uses transportation everytime. Transportation has developed and changed throughout the years, it became more efficient, faster and sometimes cheaper. The amount of pollution it creates have not change and it is becoming a very big problem. Global mass transportation is becoming more common as products are being shipped from one nation to another and people travelling overseas as it is made more simpler and easier for everyone to utilize transportation. Transportation is the…show more content…
In Singapore, land transportations mainly consist of personal cars, taxis, buses and trains. These transport used up a lot of energy. Vehicles produce greenhouse gases that consists of Carbon dioxide(CO2) gas which is very harmful to our environment and it pollutes our air that we breathe everyday. This will have many devastating consequences like increase in temperature in a already hot summer country. Even though we now have electric based cars and trains, does not mean that we are not contributing to harming our environment. To produce electricity, one of the most common ways is to burn coal and this produces massive amount of smoke into the air polluting it. To accommodate space for the widely used transport, roads have been made by clearing up our natural lands and forests. Singapore does not have a domestic oil reserves and depends on other countries to import its oil to Singapore. Accidents do happen when ships transporting the oil gets leaked into the sea and it can potentially kill large amount of marine life, which in turn affects us by taking away our resources from the sea. “4.9 million barrels leaked into the ocean with only around 800,000 retrieved from the ocean” (The Telegraph, 2010). This kind of devastating accidents will do unimaginable damage to the ocean marine life and ourselves. Land transports also can cause noise pollution, although it does not have any affects on our natural environment, it does disturbs people and animals making it unpleasant to hear to, they can cause very loud

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