Transportation Revolution Benefits

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Transportation, without any form of it, we would just be stuck. Decades before the Transportation Revolution, all that was available for travel was horses, and after that was just carriages. Everyday Americans continued to work toward a better America, and one day a man named George Stephenson invented the first locomotive. Invention of this was definitely beneficial in many ways, but it also had its downside, years passed and more railroads popped up making it more and more clustered everyday. However, the beneficiality of the Transportation Revolution outweighs the negatives, this revolution allowed more jobs to be created which resulted in a better economy and this also allowed for Manifest Destiny to be completed. Therefore, the Transportation…show more content…
Jobs boomed when the Transportation Revolution began, for each new way of travel new jobs began to open, which gave more opportunities for people that needed jobs. Economies were affected as well as societies, as the world began to change more and more, more jobs were out there, making more people successful in their lives. The revolution helped make the life of the people, a better one, just because of the successful thinking of a few bright people, the world will forever be…show more content…
Today we drive cars, fly in planes, sail on boats, ride in trains, and we travel in so many different ways, but we would not be doing this if the Transportation Revolution had not taken place. Without this revolution we would still be in the age of horses and carriages, but instead we are living in the future, making improvements and finding other ways to make our lives easier, who knows what’s next. When you look at the things that we take for granted today like how we get to where we need to go, you need to stop and think, if it weren’t for the people so many years ago that started this revolution, we would not have these
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