Trapezia Crab Research Paper

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Mutualistic Relationship (both benefit)
Coral and Crabs
The relationship between Trapezia Crabs and Pociollopora coral on the reefs of Rottnest Island is an example of mutualism as both of species benefit from the interaction with the other organism. The Trapezia Crabs, often called ‘coral crabs’ live amongst the branches of coral and feed on the nutrient-rich mucus it produces, but does not induce any harm on the coral. In return, the crabs provide a form of protection for the coral from many of their predators, and would actively defend the coral from sea stars such as the Crown of Thorns (Acanthaster planci) which is a major treat to the coral. Therefore, the Trapezia crabs and Coral are an example of a mutualistic relationship.

Commensal Relationship (one benefits, one unbothered)
Barnacle and Whale
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Barnacles attach themselves to the belly back and sides of the whales, which enables them to easily travel through nutrient-rich water environments. As barnacles are filter feeders and highly depend on the availability of plankton, their attachment to the whale allows them to obtain food that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. In addition, the whale provides a kind of shelter and protection from predators. The whale, on the other hand, does not experience any significant benefits or consequences from the barnacles attached to them. Thus the barnacle and Baleen Humpback whale are an example of a commensal
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