Trapped In The Community College Remedial Maze Analysis

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In the essay “Trapped in the Community College Remedial Maze,” Mikhail Zinshteyn suggests that developmental courses in community college are a problem because they do not “move [students] closer to earning a degree” even though they are mandatory (3). Zinshteyn considers that there are studies that prove that remediation courses prevent students from “succeeding in college” (3). Zinshteyn claims that most students with good grades in high school are required to take “developmental education at the community-college level” (1). Zinshteyn implies that the most students have to take developmental courses because “they took a test that found their math of English language skills to be lacking” (3). The author notes that being told that you need to take a remedial course can be demoralizing, especially when you think you do not need it (qtd. in Zinshteyn 6). Zinshteyn states that there are some colleges that are taking on new methods of providing remediation courses, such as placing students who need remediation “in classes that also are paired with more advanced courses” (4).…show more content…
in Zinshteyn 6). I believe that this statement it true. It can be unexpected when you are told you need to take a developmental course, and it is even more unexpected when you got A’s and B’s in high school. It creates a lack of confidence because it causes you to be doubtful of your work. It is like a slap in the face when you thought that you were good at something, only to have someone tell you that you need more preparation. Over the past couple of weeks I have been getting emails, and letters in the mail recommending that I sign up for a reading program, and I do not believe that I need it. Although it is not a remedial course, receiving this email does not make me feel good about my

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