Trapped In The Ocean Short Story

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“Trapped In the Ocean”

I sat in my room just thinking about how great life could of been if my mother wouldn’t have taken my brother and I and ran. How stupid could she be? My dad was the greatest man on the planet! He did everything for us, he would always bend over backwards for us. I don’t understand how selfish my mom could be! She broke our family apart. It’s my 18th birthday, you have all the stupid kids screaming and just having the time of their while I’m just wishing this day was over. All these presents are ridiculous, who wants fuzzy socks for their birthday or a book that tells you “How Great it Gets From Here.” This is seriously the worst birthday of my life. After we eat the soupy ice cream cake my mom came towards me
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Mouths open and eyes wide like how you see it in the movies. She stared at me with water filling her eyes and she handed me both tickets and ran inside. I’ve never felt this bad before.
After the party I knocked on my mother’s room where I knew she was lying under her blankets on her queen size bed with a photo album in her hands. Wine on her nightstand and kleenex and chocolate on the bed next to her. I knocked and knocked but there was no answers. I texted my friend Molly and I told her to pack her bag for tomorrow morning because we are going to the ocean in Mexico. I packed my bag, turn on my alarm for five-thirty and drifted to sleep. I woke up to the annoying alarm clock that always puts me in a bad mood, but not this morning. I hurried and threw some cute grey nike shorts on and a MGK oversize t-shirt on, threw my hair in a ponytail picked up my bags and was ready to get the heck out of here! I was expecting my mother to be downstairs sitting at the kitchen table all red and puffy faced, throwing herself a pity party but all I got was a note that said: ‘Went out, Enjoy your time, Send pictures, be safe and I love you Hannah.’ I was gonna write her back stating that I did love her and thanking her for this vacation but I heard the taxi pull up and I could not leave them
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