Trash Troop Case Study Essay

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Trash Troop is a hybrid organization that provides certain urban Junior High schools, with an after-school club. This club focuses on practical and proper waste disposal lessons, and getting students engaged in making their school environment cleaner. Ultimately, providing the future generation with a value of cleanliness, that they pass on to the next generation.
A. Trash Troop has two main ‘bodies’ with which it forms relationships. The first is the Junior High school students, and the second is Trashy Bags who buy the segregated plastic waste. To acquire these partners and customers, we employed various strategies. For the Junior High school students (our beneficiaries), we used a simulation of the club for the students, through an info session and some activities. Also, even though we do not sell to them, we utilized a sort of indirect sales strategy where we informed them of why our club would be a fun, practical, and useful opportunity rather than why other clubs are not. And this worked splendidly. For Trashy Bags,
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Some of the elements in our sales plan are our sales funnel, sales strategy type, and the marketing channel of our sales strategy. No matter how much effort you put into imagining something, the actual experience is never exactly as you imagined it to be. And this was the same with our sales plan. One assumption that was cleared was that an indirect sales type would be perfect. In reality, I discovered that we needed to do more convincing to make students understand why they should spend more time in our club than in others. Another insight was from our social media marketing channel. I assumed it would be barely helpful to spread awareness of our product, but it turned out to do better than I expected. During the sales, when going down the sales funnel, I expected the number of interested Junior High schools to decrease, but contrary to this thought, we rather received an invitation to implement our solution in another Junior High
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