Trauma Affected By Sports Injury

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Lecture today was very eye opening moment for me since I suffered a lot with chronic pain which was caused by a sports injury. Even though my back injury happened about 11 years ago but I still struggle with the chronic pain and how my body was influenced at the moment but still gives me problem sometimes. It’s great to be reminded how trauma can affect our body not only at the moment of injury but also long life. Such a basic review of autonomic system “fight and flight system” in our body play an important role in functions of systems in the body. In addition, basically, autonomic system drives us during the day. Be able to be protected by fight and flight reaction, the neurochemistry response of brain is critical to jumpstarting the nervous system against stimulus to protect the body against trauma. Relating this to my own injury, every time when I step on a soccer field I feel the anxiety kicking into my body and creates this fear in me and prevents me from going forward. In addition, some more reactions of my body: sweaty hands, shaky legs, and headache. My brain is busy thinking the whole time…show more content…
And for me, that was the Olympic dream. That 's what defined me. That was my bliss.” really touched my feelings because It made me think of I am not alone anymore. I know after my injury my professional soccer career was ended quickly because of the amount of traumatic injury that happened to my body. Even though my whole body was under miserable pain but I was still loving the game and I was watching it and crying at the same time. The special connection with the game was always there and until today I am the fan of the game and I know I’m not my body and I have no control over it but I can do something I can continue to fan the flame of humanity and I decided to create new players by coaching soccer so kids can follow my path by using my
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