Essay On Trauma Center

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Introduction : The number of deaths in India has been increasing day by day, both in absolute terms and per 1,00,000 population. India has recorded the highest number of road deaths globally. With the growth in vehicle population, the number of fatalities or accidents has been increasing monotonically. It is an accepted strategy of trauma care that if first aid, replacement of fluids and basic life support, can be provided within the first hour of the injury, lives of many of the accident victims can be saved. For the patient's survival, the time duration between injury and initial stabilization is the most crucial period. The word "trauma" refers to a serious or critical bodily injury. Falls and motor vehicle crashes are the most common…show more content…
Appropriate treatment reduces the probability of the patient's death or permanent disability. Hierarchal levels of trauma center - Generally, a trauma care center is segregated into four different levels. Level 1 is the highest level and is well equipped with emergency medicine, nursing care, critical care and other imaging services. In the lower levels, a traumatic injury can be treated the up-to-the process of stabilization and then the patient is referred to a higher level of trauma care. LEVEL 1 Trauma Care Centre is a 24hrs available hospital. It always has a highly qualified person on duty who specialize in trauma care. These include surgeons, nurses, emergency physicians, and anesthesiologists. Also, the center is always equipped with specialized types of equipment. LEVEL 2 Trauma Care Centre is a 24hrs available hospital. It provides all the necessary treatment to the injured and then they are referred to a level 1 institution if further complications. it has all essential specialized types of equipment and
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