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1) Traumatic Experiences are Inherently Complex. First we will look at how Traumatic experiences are inherently complex. Precious suffered from several different types of abuse, which include sexual, physical, physiological/emotional and neglect. Precious had two children as the result of sexual abuse by her father Carl. This level of profound child abuse by Precious 's parents left no domain of trauma unscathed because the degree of complexity increased in this case over time. She suffered from multiple, recurrent and additional trauma exposures during the course of her first 16 years of life. The first noted case of sexual abuse was when Carl engaged in an abusive sexual act with three year old Precious and Mary simultaneously. One could then reasonably assume the dynamics associated with maltreatment simply escalated over time in the household. As a result of abuse, the 16 year old victim was never able to reach normal emotional, cognitive, and social milestones. Precious was prone to fits of misplaced anger, exhibited poor self control, and used the abuse of food as a means of pain control. In addition the 16 year old often spent time in an imaginary world that provided her with comforts not found in her reality. 2) Trauma Occurs within a Broad…show more content…
Precious did not feel safe anywhere. She was always on guard. This defense mechanism manifested itself as Precious’s unwillingness to allow anyone to get to know her. Her violent outbursts also presented as a danger and safety concern. The abuse of food could also be put in the category of a defense mechanism because as long as she is obese, people will stay away from her. Precious also engaged in risky behavior. On one occasion she ordered a bucket of chicken from a restaurant, and then fled the restaurant without paying for the food. The fact that she lives in Harlem has also desensitized Precious to the very serious dangers around

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