Sample Case Study For Trauma In Nursing

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!!!Trauma Overview

Lindsay is a trauma nurse with highly specialized training in the care of patients who have been injured. Her ability to quickly assess and intervene in trauma patients has saved countless lives. Lindsay has just received the call; a rollover accident has occurred and two patients are coming her way. Being prepared to meet the challenge is one of the most important steps to saving lives.

__Trauma__ is any injury to the body and mind caused by an external event. It may be classified as penetration into the body such as a knife or gunshot wound, blunt-force, for example, fall from heights, motor vehicle accidents involving force applied to the body. There is another type of trauma which occurs in the operating room under controlled environments. __Advanced Trauma Life Support__ or ATLS has accelerated the quality of care in trauma patients. ATLS
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Clues from the description of the event can help trauma teams locate injuries. For example, knowing the type of gun or bullets in gunshot wounds can reveal how the bullet would react in the body. Asking the right people can save time so, try this: Family, friends, police, __emergency services or EMS__ , witnesses if available. Find out what, where, when, why, how, and how many times. Others may be present with key pieces of information to help explain the cause of injuries.

Having a completed patient history can greatly improve quality of trauma care for Lindsay's patients. From the accident, the patient was able to relate what happened, how fast they were going, and medical history necessary for treatment. The police were able to give a description of the vehicle in the roll-over which will help with mechanism of
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