Essay On Early Childhood Trauma

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Every single thing that happened in a child either good or bad has great effect in their life or future. We called it “Trauma”. However, several individuals don’t understand what they are going through and do not have any clue on how to help them. What is Trauma? According to American Psychological Association (2016), trauma is the effect of horrific incident like an accident, rape, divorce, natural disaster, death, and any other occurrence that has unpleasant effect on our future or life. Shock and denial are the unusual emotions we can feel. There are longer terms effects emotionally and physically. Emotionally, we can feel unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, and strained relationships. Physical effects are headaches and nausea. Trauma affects the neural development as the vast majority of critical structure and functional formulation occur during childhood. Experiences in childhood develop our brain and would shape up what we are in our adulthood. When a child’s environment is full of; chaos, violence, stress, trauma, and fear; thus, vary the neural development (Perry 2014). Trauma has different effects on early childhood, children and teens. In the age of three to five our brain is almost fully developed roughly 80% - 90% while our body roughly 18% of adult size. Trauma in infancy and early childhood
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