Trauma Focused Therapy

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The treatment process involves three main stages, namely; stabilization, trauma-focused therapy, and reintegration. Stabilization is the first step in the treatment of complex PTSD and involves speaking with the therapist to ascertain how the individual can control the feelings of distrust and thus lose the feeling of disconnectedness from family and friends. The technique commonly used in this stage is called grounding. The grounding technique assists in separating an individual from the traumatic or abusive past from their present. This makes the past less threatening by reducing the number of flashbacks the individual experiences thereby making them experience less anxiety and cope with life properly.
Trauma-focused therapy, on the other hand, includes psychotherapy, the type of therapy that is used in the treatment of emotional problems as well as mental health conditions. The individual experiencing a traumatic past talks to a therapist in a group or on a one-on-one basis. This allows them to look deeper into their problems and thus deal with the traumatic event. Although the therapy involves talking, other methods, such as art, movements, drama, and music are sometimes used. This allows the individual to discuss their problems with other people, especially those close to the individual. The individual sessions usually last for
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Other types of CBT include self-help methods whereby the individual uses exercises from a book or a computer program in what is referred to as computerized CBT. Some survivors of trauma find it hard to confront the memories caused by the trauma and such tolerating the high anxiety and symptoms thereof becomes a difficult task. However, CBT prepares the individuals to recall the events in cases of self-regulatory

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