Trauma Impact On Emotional Abuse

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Trauma is a part of everyone’s life. Some people are affected outwardly, others are not. Trauma does not have to be a traumatizing event, sometimes it can just be the stress of everyday life taking an overwhelming toll on the body and the mind. Trauma can change a person for the rest of their life. It can change their behavior, personality, and even the size of their hippocampus. The hippocampus, which is the center for emotion and memory, is a very important part of the brain. When most people think of trauma, they think of adults with PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, that is not always the case. Children, teenagers, and adults can experience any sort of trauma. Trauma is not the same for every person. One person can be affected…show more content…
Emotional abuse, also known as psychological abuse, is also a danger and a lot more common than people think. Emotional abuse is defined as a type of abuse which isolates the victim. The victim may be ignored or humiliated. Emotional abuse can often be disguised as a protector or a jealous loved one. However in reality, they are not. The abuser may lie, socially isolate, make demeaning comments, overly criticize, or even order the victim around like a servant. ( The abuser may even control the money, how much is spent, what it’s spent on. The victim may not realize it, but what is happening is not love or anything remotely related to love. It is abuse and it can be harmful to the individual. In a study done, more women are emotionally abused by their common-law spouses than physically assaulted by 6%. ( While many people argue emotional abuse can be man on woman or woman on man, most studies show the woman is the victim. Both men and women can ignore, humiliate, demean, and criticize a person, but the difference is the reasoning behind the action and whether all they’re looking for is

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