Trauma In Johnny Mad Dog

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In Emmanuel Dongala’s, Johnny Mad Dog, we see the significant factors of the plight of women and children in civil war situations. Throughout the world today, we see this mostly in the Middle East and in African countries. Like in the novel, many of these wars are caused by political debates, or for no reason at all. Like described in Johnny Mad Dog, militia fighters kill to kill no matter race, religion, ethnicity or gender. There usually is no reasoning behind any of the killings, but the main victims usually are women and children. Refugees of civil wars face many threats and obstacles as they try to flee from war. Many of these include struggling to find food and safety, as well as physical and mental trauma caused by the war. We see…show more content…
Johnny Mad Dog presents us with many instances of trauma from the war, including physical and mental trauma. The trauma experienced usually affects women and children in war the most, because of things like rape and enduring the loss of close ones. It can be difficult to recover from many effects of the war, especially with unstable women and children, who are trying to escape while dealing with physical or mental issues. First and most vital is physical trauma. For instance, Laos’ mother in Johnny Mad Dog has no legs, so escaping the soldiers, for her, is very difficult and puts a major toll on her body. It also bears a burden on Lao because she wants to save her mother, but it delays her from reaching safety. Also mentioned in Civil Wars in Africa: A Gender perspective of the Cost of Women by Ifeyinwa Maureen Ogbonna-Nwaogu, we see how rape is a major traumatic experience, not only mental but physical as well. Rape happens mainly to women and children causing a lot of hurt to these innocent civilians. Ogbonna-Nwaogu also mentions how poverty affects people, mainly children, which leads to malnutrition which causes physical harm and death. Examining these concerns of physical trauma, we also have to observe the way civil war affects women and children

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