Trauma Informed Principles

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According to the reading in the article (Butler, ) agencies and staff should have awareness of Trauma informed Care. Services shall be provided in Implementing this approach () by incorporating this approach when providing services to an individual.
For therapy therapies outcome it is important to implement the five principles of this approach when providing services. Screening and assessment needs to be performing by the Trauma Informed principle in order to assist a person and not to re traumatized them again.

Awareness is very important in this aspect and to have a clear understanding how traumas impact a person life.
When implementing the Trauma Informed principles it is very important to ensure client safety .This can be done by building rapport with the client and being honest and explaining the process of the therapy. Helping the client to be secure and ensuring that when providing services and addressing their problems by making sure that they will not be re traumatized or have a bad experience while engaging into services. Providing emotional safety and assuring effective work with trauma survivors by building trust and client engagement. Staff should be trained to be trauma’s informed …show more content…

Therapy needs to build up .this has to be earned. Client feelings have to be acknowledged and know the limits of client emotional state. It is very important to explain to the client how the process of therapy works .Also any assessments; process has to be explained to client in a clear manner in order for the client to able able to make decisions. This trustworthiness is built in time. This is done by always being honest to the client and letting client decide and makes decision on his own. Choice making is part of the client treatment. Along with the therapy client is engage on his treatment and shall be able to decide of what it involved and the rights and

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