Trauma Of The Holocaust Analysis

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After much consideration, I finally decided on what to write about for my final paper. In the particular article we read by Marc Peyser and Anne Underwood called, Shyness, Sadness, Curiosity, and Joy. Is it Nature or Nurture? They talked about a theory that really caught my eye. In this theory they propose the question that if your parents had an intense, traumatic experience in their life, could that be passed down genetically to you? They described it best when they said, “The Trauma of the Holocaust caused such intense genetic scrambling in some of the survivors that their children actually inherited these same stress-related abnormalities. Perhaps the sense of danger, and uncertainty associated with living through such a time is passed on in the family milieu and primes the biological systems of the children as well.” They are actually stating that if your recent ancestors had traumatic experiences like, how your grandma was neglected as a child, or how she was treated badly, that this could indeed leave you, her ancestor, with a predisposition for depression.
This to me, is a little out there, but then again any slight decision you make can change fate. I do believe that our own experiences, and the experiences of our ancestors before us are never really gone, even if they are
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When my mother was a young child, her own father left, and abandoned her and her two sisters. This makes me wonder if this traumatic experience for her, could have left her three kids with psychological or behavioral differences. In my father’s family, on the other hand, his childhood was from a more loving, nurturing environment. So then I wander could his experiences caused psychological or behavioral difference in the three of us? You cannot change your genetic makeup, so learning about your ancestry could be useful. You can learn how certain genes can be triggered, and how you’re natured also can affect your

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