Trauma Surgeon Essay

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About 48 million surgical procedures are performed each year (Stanford Health Care). Every part of the human body needs a surgeon who specializes in that area for the best possible care. There are many types of surgeons: cardiothoracic, orthopedic, neuro, or trauma surgeon. Patients who are in bad condition need a surgeon who is ready and prepared to take care of them right away, and that is what a trauma surgeon will do. A trauma surgeon is an incredibly important job in the medical field that help heal and improve the health of near-fatal patients immediately. A trauma surgeon is a difficult job to fulfill. It takes extreme amounts of dedication and precise decision making skills. Trauma surgery is a surgical specialty that uses both operative and…show more content…
A trauma surgeon is just one of the many many careers in the medical field. Two other interesting jobs are neurologist, who work on brains and cardiologist, who work on hearts. A neurologist is also a surgeon but they are specialized doctors. They diagnose and treat disorders that affect our brains and nervous systems (“Neurologist”). This is different than a trauma surgeon because trauma surgeons work on any part of the body but neurologist work specifically on the brain. Another interesting job in the medical field is a cardiologist. They are medical doctors who specialize in the human heart. They diagnose and treat conditions related to the heart and blood vessels (“Cardiologist”). Again this job is different from a trauma surgeon because they only work on hearts and blood vessels and not the whole body. For both of those jobs surgeons already know what surgery they are going to perform a long time before they do it but for a trauma surgeon they don't know until the patient arrives in the ambulance and then they perform the surgery immediately. There are many different but interesting jobs in the medical

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