Trauma Case Study

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“Don’t worry, you’ll be a phenomenal trauma nurse,” Ginny says, smiling, while doing an observation on the trauma unit floor. Glancing at Chiquita with sparkling green eyes, she continues,” You pretty much understand the concept of patient care and how nursing goes. Since you are an employee at Sentra already, you will be able to experience hands on with the trauma unit.” “Possible you are right Ginny, but I know my role as a Nursing Care Partner (NCP) and the hardship that comes with transitioning into the Trauma unit, however I know I need perform at a high expectation,” replies Chiquita, while exiting a patient room, they both reached over to receive some hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of any possible infectious diseases to other…show more content…
“Chiquita, I believe in you and you will do fabulous.” “Okay Ginny, you are right but it has been two and half years since I have demonstrated bed side nursing.” Ginny instructed to level the bed to be able to conduct a head to toe assessment. “What were the reasons you chose to become a Trauma Nurse?” Chiquita asks. Ginny replies “because I have compassion as well as advocate for the patients that come into the facility.” “I believe in giving each and every patient the fighting chance they deserve in order to survive.” “You will achieve GG” Chiquita continues to brace her smile. “is that why you decided to leave Riverside? So you could come over here to achieve your goal to become a Trauma nurse?” Ginny replied in an exciting tone “of course, do not get me wrong I enjoyed every moment at Riverside but I feel I could become a better nurse at Sentra, besides Sentra is the only level one trauma hospital in the region.” “I completely understand,” Chiquita responds. “Anyways, how long is the typical stay for a patient?” Chiquita asks quietly while observing a very heavily sedated patient who is on life
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