Asperger Syndrome Reflection

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I had a very traumatic childhood , first of all , I always was the boy who everyones could bullied me, I did not understand why nobody wants to be with me, It was very frustrated when nobody wants to talk with me or just be my friend, but not my entire childhood was bad, I had a very close and friendly relationship with my cousins brothers in school and high school. They were with me and they loved me like if I were their brother and so as I. I had a wonderfull time with them playing soccer and playing videogames but time after time they have changed and all the innocence and tenderness that characterized them and they suddenly have changed for other persons that betrated me like if I were nothing to them so that was very traumatic and painfull…show more content…
My learning problems are Asperger Syndrome that its quite similar to autism but less mild. The Asperger Syndrome I did not know that I realise when I was a teenager ;only I find out when I had a psicological y psciquiatrical diagnosis when I was 26 so that was new for me. After knowing about my Asperger Syndrome, I started to read a lot about that and Know more about this syndrome and I realise that its not as bad as it looks , for example in the world famous tv comedy sitcom show “The Big Bang Theory”, the main character named Sheldon Cooper explains very well the syndrome that the character has in this comedy so it was very interesting for me and I immediately became one of his biggest fans of his tv show, and that I think that this Syndrome makes me especial and quite different than the rest of the normal people, I also have an attention deficit with hyperactivity disorder and that I think could have a big disadvantage and can affect my performance , the other mental problem that I have is dyscalculia. The dyscalculia is when you cannot do mathematical calculations so that’s my Achilles heel, so I most of my life I have been with tutors of teacher especially in mathematics. In fact I am in third math class, and Im working to get my connadis card that consist in a carnet that allows you a lot of benefits for example to buy a car and import a vehicle with tax free, another advantages that connadis could offer to you when you want to get a job , special discount depending on the degree of disability so I am working to get this carnet to get a little help for my serious
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