Traumatic Childhood Experience

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I had a very traumatic childhood , first of all , I always was the boy who everyones could bullied me, I did not understand why nobody wants to be with me, It was very frustrated when nobody wants to talk with me or just be my friend, but not my entire childhood was bad, I had a very close and friendly relationship with my cousins brothers in school and high school. They were with me and they loved me like if I were their brother and so as I. I had a wonderfull time with them playing soccer and playing videogames but time after time they have changed and all the innocence and tenderness that characterized them and they suddenly have changed for other persons that betrated me like if I were nothing to them so that was very traumatic and painfull experience that I had in my life.

But then when all things must pass, I was very lost and I didn´t know what to do with my life, so first of all , I graduated from high school in 2006 , but I had a sabatic year to think about what I would do in my life, so I decided that I would have a sabbatical year, them after that I enter in USFQ and I studied art and design but I was terrible and I felt very lost and depressive so I decided to retire from this university so I have been there just for one semester , then I choose the U.D.L.A to study Hotelery and Tourism , but I also was a bad student and I did not like that at all so again I also decided to retire from that career, so I felt frustrated and depressed and I started to drink a lot
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