Traumatic Neuroma Study

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The Aim of this study was to evaluate the knowledge,attitude and practice of dentists in management of traumatic neuroma.

MATERIALS AND METHODOLOGY The study was done among 100 dental practitioners in chennai who were interested in taking part in the survey.

RESULT In this study,it was found that 89.1% of dentist knew the cause of traumatic neuroma. 58% of dentist were aware that the most common site was in mental foramen region. Most commonly encountered complication while administering local anaesthesia was found to be 88.1% mostly around 70% in inferior alveolar region. The most common treatment of choice chosen by dentist
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About 89.1% of dentist knew the cause of traumatic neuroma. Damage to the mental nerve during mental nerve block is most commonly encountered during tooth extraction4,administering local anaesthesia ,placement of implants5,ill fitting denture6,ramus split surgery7,parotidectomy8 etc.

Traumatic neruoma according to the author W.B Neville9 described that it was not a true neoplasm. Traumatic neuroma is often neglected unless the patient reports back with symptoms in the region of treatment.

Not all local anaesthetic injections lead to traumatic neuroma or other complications but around 85.1% of the dentist in chennai faced complications10 like Hematoma,nerve damage ,allergic reactions etc. According to the survey most of the dentists faced complications while administering inferior alveolar nerve block11 as it is the most common block administered followed by greater palatine nerve block12 ,incisive13 and mental nerve
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