The DSM-5 Psychological Essay

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This 1980 film portrays the accidental death of the older son of an affluent family, that deeply strains the relationships between a bitter mother, good-natured father, and the guilt ridden younger son (IMDb, 1990). It is crucial to acknowledge the behaviors within the family after this traumatic event occurs. The younger son, Conrad, shows his progress throughout the therapeutic process, while his mother copes by deeply burying her feelings. Conrad lives under a cloud of guilt after his brother drowns, and cannot shake the belief that he should have died instead of his brother (Rotten Tomatoes). This film demonstrates multiple DSM-5 diagnoses in Conrad as well. Conrad expresses the signs and symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder along with Depression. Conrad becomes very distressed when a train goes by as he is in the car with his friends heading to school.…show more content…
He does not have much of an appetite, especially when Mrs. Jarrett makes him French toast for breakfast, but he rejects the food and has zero desire for it. The point of Conrad trying to take his own life could be strongly linked to a sign of Depression. Conrad feels the guilty of his brother dying and internalizes the whole situation. In doing so, Conrad has feelings of guilt and irrelevance because of this self-blame and negative self-talk. The DSM-5 suggests that Depression is qualified by a change in sleep, suicidality, guilt or worthlessness, concentration, change in activity, etc. (Evolution Counseling, 2014). It is important to recognize that Conrad also quit the swimming team due to a decreased interest in the sport. Conrad was a notable swimmer on the team with exquisite talents. It is interesting to see his passion for the sport diminish in such a short period of time. As one should be cognizant of the negative impacts of labels, Conrad seems to fit a majority of the criteria for Depression and
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