Travel And Tourism Case Study

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CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.1 OVERVIEW OF TOURISM IN INDIA The Indian tourism and hospitality industry has boosted the services sector in India. It plays an important role in its growth. This industry has created jobs for the youth, helped in bringing foreign exchange in the country helping local and host communities. The estimation of the brand to the buyer, the development in developing markets, the significance of shopper confronting innovation, and advancement and maintenance of human capital have helped shape the tourism business in the course of recent years. The travel and tourism part has formed into an industry with a yearly financial report (immediate, circuitous and impelled) of around US$ 6.5 trillion around the world. The worldwide lodging industry creates pretty nearly between US$ 400-500 billion in income every year, 33% of that income is inferable from the United States. The quantity of Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) has developed consistently in the most recent three years stretching around 7.46 million amid January–December 2014. Remote trade profit (FEEs) from tourism as far as US dollar developed by 7.1 for every penny amid January-December 2014 when contrasted with 5.9 for each penny over the comparing time of 2013. FTAs amid the Month of December 2014 were Rupees 120,083 crore (US$ 19.02 billion) when contrasted with FTAs of Rupees 107,671 crore (US$ 17.05 million) amid January-December 2013 over the

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