Travel And Tourism Essay

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Tourism has been around from the beginning of time, in fact people were travelling and staying at places outside of their “home” for various reason; whether it be movement for better living condition, religious meetings, personal fulfilment, etc. Individuals have been utilising various means of transport in order to move back and forth since olden days. In that era, simple form of transportation were used, these include: donkeys, horses and camels. Hence transportation and tourism work together and have a shared relationship.

Transportation have change in the 19th century, this is because of the interventions of steam and oil engines creating a faster, easier and availability way of travel. Thus providing more persons with the opportunity
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The cruise travel has a vital place in tourism. This is because cruise ships are now operating as ‘sailing hotels’ they provide tourists with activities similar to hotels. Thus creating the ultimate travel opportunity. While travelling with a cruise ship, the tourists get the chance to view quite a few countries at a time and can enjoy luxury and entertainment while. This industry is categorized by a high concentration of the about 70% of the market of the tourism market, according to WTO. This indicate that majority of tourists that take cruise are spending most of their money within the cruise ship itself (gift shops, entertainment, casinos, bars, etc.) or on island facilities owned by cruise shipping…show more content…
Trains have pre-established routes that have to be followed. The railway network is mostly used by local tourist however in countries like Europe and America tourist continue use trains for long-distance routes and high speed services such as state to state travel etc. Due to high technology advancement in these areas ;whilst other countries convert rail ways as a mean to carry loads etc. . Example Jamaica only use trains as a mean to move bauxite from one area to the next , additionally other countries have converted train and rails as a part of their tourism product (as historic viewings
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