Travel Behavior

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This media product refers to travel behaviour which involves the way in which tourists behave according to their attitudes prior to, the duration of as well as the aftermath of travelling. Background regarding travel behaviour may assist in marketing and product planning as well as enhancement which can increase the number of tourists to tourism products such as resorts. However, it was discovered that very little research was conducted regarding the travel behaviour of tourists visiting South African resorts. The purpose of the study was to determine the travel behaviour and more so the travel motivation of tourists visiting resorts. The tourist industry is considered one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world and as a…show more content…
Media effects is a topic relating to mass media and media culture effects on individual or audience thought, attitudes and behaviour. One short term theory applicable to this is the theory of social action, which was developed by Max Webber, the basic concept was primarily developed in the…show more content…
The study showed a descriptive analysis of statistical data that indicates the gender and age of people travelling a year as well as the duration of their travel in a year. The motivations indicated that the younger the individual is the less likely they are to travel to this resort more than once a year the study also indicated that the average age of tourists to the resort was 44 where 36% were married with kids the rest singles, married, as well as groups in terms of social affairs. The most respondents travel once to two times a year with the longest duration being 8-10 days and I then personally related the duration of travel to funds, as well off people will easily afford this and will easily be able to pay instead of saving up for years and for example paying in instalments. The motives of their stays made me realise that most of the individuals travelling are young to middle aged people as the highest ranked motive was for entertainment and to have fun the least was to; learn more about the country. Their behaviours also made me realise that the way a tourist behaves at a resort is intertwined and linked directly to their motives as many of the young were there to have fun and be entertained but for the most part did not indulge in the country whereas middle aged people learnt more about their country than indulged in entertainment
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