Travel Desk Case Study

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SAP – International Trips – Expense Advances with Forex Vendor and Travel desk concept

Ritu Rajora
November’ 2014
Table of Contents

Abstract 1
Introduction to the Concept 1
Implementation of Forex Vendor payment accounting entry 4
Impact of the Initiative 5
Challenges faced 5
Authorization required 5
Master data maintenance 6
How will you use case bring value to iGATE business/vertical 6
About the Author 6

The Whitepaper is focused to showcase how SAP can be used to streamline International Trips – Expense Advances with a Travel desk and third party Forex Vendor.
Introduction to the Concept
Current Process

1. Employee submits ‘Travel Form’ and seeks Approval on email from the CEO for the overseas travel and travel
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Travel Form (Manual process via outlook)

2. CEO Approval (Manual process via outlook)

3. Finance Validation (Manual process via outlook)

4. SAP T-code - TRIP for Forex ‘Advance Creation’ by a Trip Administrator (SAP TRIP module)

5. SAP Budget holder approval (SAP workflow). On approval, the trip for advance gets fully approved and accounting entry for advance payment gets posted

As a part of standard SAP travel management process, trip goes to the SAP budget holder and then in processing for payment after budget holder approves the trip.

We have added an extra capability wherein SAP workflow approval would trigger an email notification to the travel desk to obtain forex cash and smart card from the vendor and deliver the currency to the employee.

6. Advance Posting payment(PREC/PRFI/PRRW) will be carried out (SAP TRIP module)

Block on Employee Vendor Forex Advance Line items
Now since the employee has already been given the forex, this step will prevent the employee from getting paid twice once the trip gets processed for payment as per SAP standard
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This step will be a batch job run which will pick all the blocked Forex Advance Line Items in the above step and create the below accounting entry automatically.
Debit – Employee Vendor
Credit – FX Clearing GL

Note: The Expense Settlement will be a Standard SAP TRIP transaction

7. FX vendor submits his Invoice and Invoice gets booked in SAP (Manual process – entry in SAP via journals)

8. Make payment to Forex Vendor as per existing process (SAP FI process - FX Vendor Payment)

9. On return from overseas trip, Employee handovers expense receipts to HOD of Finance and Trip Administrator reconciles expenses against the above Advance in SAP TRIP (SAP TRIP module)

10. SAP Budget Holder Approval (SAP workflow)

11. Expense Posting reports (PREC/PRFI/PRRW) will be done by SSC which can be viewed in standard reports (SAP TRIP module)

12. Make payment to Employee Vendor in F110 (Employee Payment) (SAP TRIP module)

As a result, most of the process that were earlier managed manually are now automated and routed through SAP. This has further enhanced the internal control of the process for the business.
Impact of the

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