Travel Edna St. Vincent Millay Analysis

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The poetry anthology is a collection of selected poems that is highly recognised. The poem ‘Travel’ by Edna St. Vincent Millay should be in the poetry anthology as it is an engaging poem with a deep meaning and sophisticated poetic techniques. The meaning behind this poem is not as direct as it seems. It is about someone who wants a change in their life and decides to take a different path and does think about the outcomes it has. The poem uses figurative language to help the reader draw an image into their mind and to get the meaning across. The train in the poem is used to describe how you can choose your journey. It also represents a desire to change and the show that there are different outcomes by taking different adventures. This poem is described as being a wanderlust poem which means to have a strong desire to travel. In this case the strong desire to travel refers back to change and opportunities that you can take. The poetic techniques used in this text have been really thought out by the author.…show more content…
‘Yet there isn't a train I wouldn't take, No matter where it's going’ these two lines talk about the train. It is used as an object to refer to real life about taking opportunities in life. The quote means that this particular person would take any opportunity no matter the outcome. The action word at the end of every second line adds more effect to the poem in the way that perhaps it is written for change. Metaphors are used on the first line to describe how hard change is ‘The railroad track is miles away’. It is saying that taking a different opportunity looks like it is almost impossible but as you try and progress it becomes clearer what you want to
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