Travel Persuasive Essay

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Your zine must have an introduction.
The purpose of this zine is to inform how visitors travelling in Victoria and general can engage with the destination in ways that can make positive impacts towards the ongoing social, environmental and/or economic care, well-being and sustainability of the place being visited.

Citizen science tourism has quite a few projects that tourists can get involved during their holidays in Victoria, for instance, you have the Fluke Post project and many more others that tourist can get involved in. A little detail about Melbourne it’s the second biggest city in Australia it was voted one of the world 's most liveable cities, so you can image there would be a large number of things that tourists can engage in while
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You must include screen shots of your example in the zine

You must say how a visitor can get involved
Visitors can get involved with the Fluker post by just taking a photo from the fixed point of the post and add it to a growing photo library for each location. Its quite simple all you have to do is place your digital camera or phone in the cradle of the Fluker post.

You must say what the positive impact/s are
The positive impacts involved within the Fluker post are that it provides a way that can help the local environment. The Fluker post helps with information about the environment and highlights why it’s important to preserve the environment because you are able to monitor environmental changes through photos. The Fluker post is also positive that it helps with gathering images of certain study areas and also the opportunity to learn about the destination and get the chance to explore more things about the Great Ocean Walk.

You must give each example a star rating – one star = really poor, 5 stars = spectacular (the rating system must also be explained in your zine)

5 star
I would rate the Fluker post project 5 star due to the sample fact that its easy to get involved all you need is a camera so that you can upload your pictures
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