Travel: The Most Common Meaning Of Travel In Everyday Life

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A person who keeps reading books, surfing the Internet, writing something continuously and sleep fitfully at night or cannot concentrate on tasks very well due to great expectations is a person who is looking forward to his or her travel. Travel is the activity of traveling, and if someone travels, he or she goes from one place to another, often to a place that is far away, according to dictionaries. This is the most common meaning of travel and of course, this is definitely true. However, it is not a sufficient meaning for a word like travel. Travel has profounder meanings, not only being just a ‘movement’. The greater part of people thinks travel as a fairy tale or a fantasy. They believe that there will be always brilliant, astonishing things to see, hear and feel when they go travel but unfortunately, it is not 100% true. In reality, travel is a thing that causes a confliction among close persons, make people feel discomfort and lead people to be envious, feel a sense of inferiority - all of which are attributes that ordinary people think that those are completely nothing to do with travel. Usually, people consider travel as a tool that can make persons become closer and cement the relationships among them. Surprisingly, however, travel causes unusual conflicts - that cannot be occur in everyday life - to be happen. When people travel, they are not familiar with the circumstances so they are very easy to be too sensitive or edgy due to weather, food, or something like

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