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One of my favorite my most favorite hobbies would have to be traveling! I absolutely love going to different places around the world. Traveling allows me to admire what I call the beauty of nature. Traveling is my favorite hobby because; it allows me to escape my everyday responsibilities. I love to travel with family and friends but, I’ve also always been the type that would catch a flight just to get away alone if necessary. That’s what I call fun! The excitement of going to another state or country gives me a sense of happiness within. I’ve been to a couple different states and I’ve taken a few different cruises. My favorite vacation is when my boyfriend and I went to Los Angeles, CA for my 30th birthday recently. The trip was…show more content…
The beach had a wall of art full of graffiti that was very nice. There was a man who had a grand piano setup on the beach and, he played it remarkably beautiful. It was really amazing to see all these different things going on at one time and just to think, it could be every…show more content…
The sky was full of sunshine and clouds, pretty blue sat behind each cloud. The lightly tan sand ran through my toes, feeling soft and warm. I laid across the sand listened to the sound of the waves and watched the water. I felt so peaceful and relaxed. I enjoyed watching all the families and visitor’s like myself admire California and to be having what appeared to me a care free vacation! Those are always the best. Lastly I’ll mention the delicious fruits and food I was able to eat. The fruits were really fresh and ripe. I could have eaten the fruit for each meal of the day. I have never seen anyone put spices on their fruit until being out there, never judge a book by it’s cover because, if I would have I would’ve missed out. I went to a few restaurants and, fast foods that are only available there. The best purchase of food for me was the California oranges! If you’ve never had a California orange, you should try one if you every go to

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