Travis Alexander's Case Analysis

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The victim, Travis Alexander, 30, who was brutally killed by his physco stalker ex-girlfriend Jodi Arias was found in his Mesa, Arizona, home on June 9, 2008. They broke up in the summer of 2007, and Alexander began dating other women. She moved back to Northern California but they continued to communicate. Arias stole her grandparents ' .25-caliber pistol, rented a car in Redding, California, turned off her cell phone and brought along cans of gas so there would be no record that she was in Arizona. Jurors reached a unanimous decision in the case on May 8, 2013 and Jodi was found gulty of first degree murder. The jury however was deadlocked when it came to sentencing, a penalty trial began in October 2014 with a new jury. In March 2015,

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