Travis Kalanick Accomplishments

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Travis Kalanick son of bonnie and Donald Kalanick is one of the few people who tried to make a difference in this way. He created a creation which is not the same as invented an invention. Despite him being brought to his knees by the larger companies, he didn’t give up he continued and finished what he began. Travis went through a normal childhood even though he didn’t finish college. He was destroyed in the beginning of his first company as an entrepreneur he suffered but got back up. Now the Travis Kalanick is a billionaire. Kalanick was born on 6th of august 1976, in Los angles. Travis Kalanick went to Granada Hills High School. He was a tech geek. He attended UCLA after graduating. Travis and his friends had an idea of creating something useful. They wanted to create something that was creative. Therefore, they…show more content…
The company went bankrupt after being sued by the 29 largest companies in the world for 250 billion dollars. Travis Kalanick made it instead of it being 250 billion he cracked it down to 1 million.( Before Travis thought about creating Uber he wanted to gain his money back from all of the companies that sued him. How will he do that? He did that by instead of working against them he was work with them. Travis opened a company called red swoosh. His idea was, to use the same technology but instead of what they used to do, they will do the opposite to work with them and take their money. It was practically a revenge business. Then after a year or so Travis sold the company. Travis and his friend were saying that it is very hard for the citizens to get a cab in san Francisco so they wondered what if we could just push a button for a cab.( At that time, they started thinking of Uber which was inspired by the difficulty of getting taxis and the jitney. The jitney was created in 1916 at first it began with one car and one guy by the idea of that the metro was crowded by people he thought what if

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