Trayvon: A Diminishing Suite In Verse Poem Summary

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Destini Boyd English 102:05 According to the poem, “Skittles for Trayvon: A Diminishing Suite In Verse” by Lilian Bertram. Judging a book by its cover will always cause tragedy. In the poem the text states “Trouble man took him for a terrible ghost.” This poem is about a young boy who wanders off into a neighborhood that is unfamiliar and is killed because of the way he is perceived by someone else. This poem can be related to a myth story.
This poem has a moral meaning. This poem also uses metaphors to describe its moral. This poem relates to the story of Trayvon Martins death. This poem explains using the mythical story that you should never judge a book by its cover. “Skittles for Trayvon: A Diminishing Suite In Verse” by Lillian Bertram
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This is similar to what Zimmerman did to Trayvon. Instead of asking Singing Boy if he was lost or who he was, he just killed him. Zimmerman did the same thing to Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman killed Trayvon based off of false judgment. This relates to my thesis because judging people causes fear and tragedy to occur. In the poem “Skittles for Trayvon” the author depicts actions from the character “Troubled Man” that were based of off fear. Because the “Troubled Man” judged Singing Boy off of what he saw, he began to be in fear of what he thought Singing Boy might do to him. Fear caused Troubled Man to kill Singing boy. This is similar to the death of Trayvon Martin because Zimmerman acted on fear when he killed Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman feared that Trayvon might hurt him based on his exterior.
The text states that Troubled Man thought that Singing Boy was a “Terrible Ghost.” Troubled Man thought this because Singing Boy wore a cloak. Zimmerman thought that Trayvon was a gangster because he was African American and wore a hoodie. This fear that both Troubled man and George Zimmerman had came from that prejudgment they created for Singing boy and Trayvon Martin. Fear can make people do the unthinkable in most cases. Zimmerman feared for his life when he saw Trayvon because of his bad judgment. This relates to my thesis statement because judging someone can lead to having fear of someone or
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