Trayvon Martin: An Example Of Racism In The 21st Century

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The shooting of Trayvon Martin is an example of racism in America in the 21st century. On the night of February 26th, 2012 Trayvon Martin died because he was black and the shooters had racially profiled him. The shooting is an example of the challenges that black Americans have been facing over the years in the would seem surprised that there are incidents of racism but the racial abuse in the 21st century is even getting worse.
The whites are often fast to criticize the blacks for playing the e racial card while on the other hand, the blacks are criticizing the American government for being insensitive to the issues pertaining racial abuse. The trial of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin is a clear indication that racism
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In OCRS data collection in 20006, African American were three times more likely to be suspended or expelled from school as compared to white students. For a preschool student, the standard punishment for such should be done in the schools and should not involve a suspension. Finding employment opportunities is also an issue where the blacks in the US face discrimination. Black graduates are twice less likely to get employment as compared to white graduates. The unemployment rates for the blacks have been twice that of the whites in the US for decades. A study by David r Francis of NBER showed that close to 50% of names that sound white always get a callback. A survey by branded university also revealed that the wealth gap between the blacks and the whites has tripled over the past two…show more content…
Due to the various racial incidents, the African Americans have developed resilience and are empowering themselves so that they can deal with the challenges of racism. Research by Dr. Danice brown shows that despite the developmental challenges that the African Americans may face, many of them overcome the obstacles in their environment and manage to live healthy lives. Dr. Brown then describes the power of protective factors as the reason for the development of resilience by the African Americans. Families, caring adults, and organizations provide youths with modeling and exposure to environments that emphasize racial pride. Religion and spirituality have also been helpful to the African Americans as they face the various emotional challenges. Various religious leaders have been condemning the racial actions and bringing the African American community to work together as a team to eradicate the
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