Trayvon Martin

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Trayvon Martin was a young 17-year-old African American male visiting the downtown area of Sandford Florida. Trayvon Martin’s father (Tracy Martin) was a truck driver who was dating a women by name of Sandy Green who lived in the gated housing complex The Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sandford where Trayvon’s life was cut short. Tracy would often times bring his sons up from Miami where they resided to stay at the housing complex in Sandford with him, his girlfriend and her son on the weekends. Trayvon Martin despite being a loving and supportive family member had recently been suspended from school due to having a bag with traces of marijuana in it. Tracy did not want his son to spend the next 10 days of his suspension hanging out with the wrong…show more content…
Trayvon Martin decided to go for a walk and asked Ms. Green’s 7 year old son if he wanted anything from the store and he said he wanted skittles. Upon walking from the store it started raining outside and without an umbrella, Trayvon placed the hood of his gray hoodie on his head to help shield him from the rain as he walked back to housing area. After entering the housing complex he was spotted by Zimmerman and with him being on high alert due to the recent slew of burglaries in the neighborhood and not noticing Martin before he assumed he was a threat. Martin was walking close to the buildings with a hoodie on his head, holding something in his hands that Zimmerman was unable to identify and looking back at him. At that point Zimmerman decided he had to be another burglar who trying to break into a house and he was not going to let it happen again on his watch. Zimmerman contacted the police informing them he saw a black teenager with something in his hands that he had never seen before in the neighborhood and wanted to know how long it take someone to arrive on the scene. Despite getting all that information from the dispatcher and being told to remain in his vehicle, Zimmerman decided to leave his vehicle and follow behind Martin anyway as he was tired of the burglars getting away before the cops could arrive and he was determined that would not be the case this time as he uttered what appeared to be a racist slur according to the

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