Trayvon Martin's Conviction Of Felony Lynching

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When you google Jasmine Richards the first thing that pops up is an article about her conviction of Felony Lynching. Not the dedication and time she has spent investing into the Black Lives Matter movement and organizing rallies nor her commitment to improving her community, but her conviction. The Black Lives Matter organization was created in 2012 following the death of Trayvon Martin. Over the last four years the movement has gained much traction in the media and has accomplished small changes in legislation requiring body cameras to be worn at all times by law enforcement in order to protect civilian interests along with the interests of officers on duty. Although Jasmine Richards was not one of the founding members of the movement, she like many others such as Deray and Netta through social media raised her voice in hopes of uplifting the needs of others. In her short time being involved she managed to rally…show more content…
The law came into effect as an attempt to protect African Americans from being broken out of jail by angry mobs and lynched. The goal was to take the power out of the hands of the people and allow African Americans the benefit of the doubt by providing them with the opportunity to stand trial without fear that outside individuals would take the law into their own hands. What is most ironic and unfortunate for Jasmine is that she was charged with a law based on the intentions of protecting black people while she herself was acting in the believe that she was aiding a young black woman. One could easily assume that her charges would be dropped after learning all of the facts. Instead she she was sentenced to 90 days in jail. There is a silver lining within Jasmine’s story, as a result of the media frenzy surrounding her arrest it has raised awareness and questions surrounding the little oversight police have as their account is typically the only story that is considered when altercations
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