Macbeth Treachery And Insight Analysis

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Have you ever wanted to hear a story about a Military general who rose to fame, and lost it just as quickly? In the Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare, the author creates a atmosphere of treachery and greed through his use of fate, conflict, and character insight and asides in order to demonstrate to the reader that large sums of wealth or power can corrupt the most loyal people. Throughout the play, Shakespeare uses asides many times in the play to show want a character, mainly Macbeth, wants and to provide insight on the character’s mind. For example, in the beginning, Macbeth wanted to be crowned king after three Witches prophesized that he would be made so, after becoming “Thane of Glamis [and]… Thane of Cawdor” (I, iii, 58). Originally,…show more content…
These conflicts are both intrapersonal, and across multiple characters. One of the earliest example of the internal conflict is obviously demonstrated by the fact that Macbeth starts to hallucinate, seeing a dagger floating in mid-air after murdering King Duncan at the start of the play. This shows that Macbeth has regrets about murdering Duncan. Another example is when, not Macbeth, but Lady Macbeth starts to sleepwalk and talk in her sleep. When she sleepwalk, it is acknowledged by the nurse, who was speaking to the Doctor, that Lady Macbeth continues to make the same motion of rubbing her hands together. While the Nurse and the Doctor are talking, Lady Macbeth starts to talk to herself, practically yelling about some “damn spots”, which are obviously spots of blood. This shows that she feels deeply guilty about assisting in one of her husband’s murders. The last example is in Act 3, when Macbeth first hears about the murder of Banquo. Shortly after hearing of the death Banquo, he starts yelling at the ghost of Banquo. Even after seeing the ghost, Macbeth still claims “thou canst not say [he] did it” (III, iv, 50). This also shows that Macbeth feels much guilt about this murder in particular. However, his verbal reactions to this ghost shows that he still wants to appear and remain innocent. While most people would think the same way, Macbeth would lose him power quickly if it was discovered that
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