The Theme Of Treasure In Santiago's Journey

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The theme of treasure appears very early on in the story. Santiago, a travelling Shepherd, has a dream one night telling him that his treasure awaits him by the pyramids of Egypt. This dream sparks his journey where along the way, the people he meets and the experiences he has shape and transform his idea and perception of treasure. In the end, Santiago finds his physical treasure but his journey is not over as he had once feared. Santiago’s perception of treasure has transcended the physical and now he has respect for the treasure of home, knowledge and love. While Santiago originally sets out for his treasure of material riches, the treasure he values most has been transformed to that of knowledge and love along his journey. The theme of treasure appears early on in the story and inspires Santiago’s journey. One night while herding his flock, he dreams that there is buried treasure waiting for him at the pyramids of Egypt. After seeking advice from a gypsy who interprets his dream, she again confirms that at the pyramids of Egypt, “there you will find your treasure” (14). Santiago’s journey begins by the hope for material…show more content…
His father asks why he would want to leave while several people come to Spain and find it a special place. “These people when they see our land say that they would like to stay here forever” (9). This thought reoccurs later on when Santiago reaches the pyramid. Refugees of the tribal wars beat him up. After, one tells Santiago he had a dream at the exact spot that they found him of a treasure buried in Spain, and describes the church and sycamore tree from Santiago’s days as a shepherd. The attacker says he isn’t stupid enough to pursue it. Immediately, Santiago “knew where to find his treasure” (163). All along, his treasure was to be found right at home verifying his father’s statement and allusion that home is always a
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