Treasure Island Dialectical Journal

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The protagonist in this story is Jim Hawkins, who is twelve or thirteen years old. On the beginning, he lives with his parents in a inn. He can be very courageous, like when he was gone back to the ship, when they were in Treasure Island. [quote: chapter 27, Pieces of Eight, page 250]: “I went below and did what I could for my wound; it pained me a good deal and still bled freely, but it was neither deep nor dangerous, nor did it greatly gall me when I used my arm. Then I looked around me, and as the ship was now, in a sense, my own, I began to think of clearing it from its last passenger—the dead man, O’Brien. “ On general, he is also faithful to his “real” mates including: Dr. Livesey, Trewlansky, captain Smollet, Benn Gunn and Squirre.
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