Treasure Island Research Paper

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Between the novel Treasure Island and the animated movie Treasure Planet there are multiple similarities and differences. The novel was written by Robert Louis Stevenson, and the movie was directed by Disney. The movie Treasure Planet was actually made based on the novel Treasure Island. Although they were both well done pieces, I would prefer the movie over the novel. In this essay, I’m now going to tell you the similarities and differences of the characters, plot, theme, and setting in the movie and also the novel. The characters in Treasure Island were quite different, but then again similar to the characters in Treasure Planet. Although, the main difference between the characters were Jim and Long John Silver. In Treasure Island, Jim…show more content…
In the novel, Jim loses his father to an illness, and is left without a father figure. When the pirates came to the Admiral Benbow, they searched for Billy Bones’ treasure map. Jim gets to ride on the Hispaniola as a cabin boy, and Long John Silver has a parrot named Captain Flint. The plot of Treasure Planet is quite alike to the plot of Treasure Island, but there is also some differences between the two plots. In the movie, Jim’s father has abandoned Jim, and left just Jim and his mother. While looking for Billy Bones’ treasure map, the pirates completely destroyed the Admiral Benbow. The setting of the novel Treasure Island takes place in Bristol, England. The novel takes place in the 18th century. The island they are trying the find the treasure on is called Skeleton Island. The Admiral Benbow is present in the setting of the novel. Treasure Planet’s setting is mostly in outer space. Unlike the novel taking place in the past, the movie takes place in the future. The island is now named Treasure Plant in the movie. The Admiral Benbow is also present in the movie like it is the novel. They still included the Hispaniola in the movie, but instead of it being a wooden sailing ship, it’s a starship that can soar through outer
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