Should We Treat Juveniles As Adults Essay

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It’s time take action There have been a lot of studies and researches to make a statement. The statement is to clarify if we should treat juveniles as adults or if we should not. This is something that teens can't stand up to. If we treat them as if they were adults, we can be making a big mistake because we are taking their future away from them. Instead of that we can help them to become better persons and to become a good member of society. People are able to change, no matter how bad it’s that they have done. As human beings, we all make mistakes and that is something that we have to consider. Teens are the future, we should help them out in this particular situation. We have a serious problem, many juveniles, who have committed crimes, such as robbery, murder etc. The thing is that we don't treat them as adults until they got into troubles. What would the world even think about the government's decision of treating juveniles as adults only when they commit crimes? As the article…show more content…
In fact, this may also be because of our own habits as a community, we as teens, we are used to learn from what we see, and from what we heard from the people around us. It's not like if by blaming will make a difference, like it was all their fault. As it’s mentioned on a documentary called, “When A Child Kills”. The documentary is about a boy, whose name is Nathan, he was charged with second degree murder. The boy was found guilty and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. He lived in a neighborhood surrounded by crime, and drugs. He had problems with his mom at home, who was always busy and didn't spend time with the child. In conclusion, this a clear evidence that we as a community, are in fact involve on things that happen around us. We but no one else is responsible for what we influence to our children because as stated before, they learn from
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